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As the name of our company speaks for its self, ’THE ONLY-ONE’, which means solely implement perfectionism in all aspects of our works and deliver our clients an unique, exclusive, timeless and exceptional finished project. Our Team of leading architects and our global notwork of experts working with clients implement an unique innovative timeless design and serve solutions for the most complex challenges.

Our drive and design philosophy is contemporary, exceptional and functional design, which are also the wishes of our clients. The vision has always been timeless architecture with clean, simple, elegant lines, with a keen interest in keeping tradition and history but implement the modern lifestyle and design in the architecture.

The team have expanded their geographical experience in finished projects and have now serviced clients in multiple locations such as Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, with significant inquiry levels from home based Thailand.

Building iconic Villas. Planning new land developments. Restoring damaged environments. Connecting people. Designing parks where children play. Helping governments maintain or improve stability and security.

We connect expertise across services, markets, and geographies to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Architect office in Phuket Thailand and Singapore

New architect office and creative design Studio in Phuket Thailand.

Where the love goes…
Ceo and Company Owner Thomas, has moved to Phuket Thailand, because of his love, to lead him to open an own office in southern Thailand.

The award-winning Team at The Only One Architects are already globally recognized as one of the leading international Architectural Design Groups in Thailand. Our creativity and inspired design have created landmark architecture both domestically and in overseas markets.
The vision has always been timeless architecture with clean, simple, elegant lines. With a keen interest in keeping Tradition but implement the modern lifestyle and design in the architecture, especially in the modern Thai-Balinese design and architecture.

How we work – the stages of each project

Each Project have different stages. We explain here how we do it.

  • Stage 1 - Inception

    Developing a clear project directive.
    During the inception phase, we develop a clear project guideline, assemble a consulting team and establish the specific site’s characteristics.

  • Stage 2 - Project concept

    We think this is the most important stage for every project. During the concept and design stage, we prepare the concept design based on the client’s brief to illustrate the essence of the idea, including the perspectives around the key driving influences in the design. Further we also develop a business model or a cost plan, that we recommend to our client.

  • Stage 3 - Design Development

    Develop the approved concept.
    During this stage, we develop the approved concept to finalise the design, outline the specifications, cost plan, financial viability and documentation agenda for the project.

  • Stage 4 - Documentation & Procurement

    Prepare, Approval & Construction Documentation. We appoint and introduce the leading construction companies to our client, submit the tender documents for biddings. During this stage, we confirm and implement the agenda for the execution of the project and submit drawings, detail plans to the local authorities for approval.

  • Stage 5 - Construction

    Manage, Supervise & Monitor the Contracts & Processes. During this stage, we will supervise the contracts and processes. We, or the contracted construction company issues the construction plans and documentation. We attend regular site, having technical and progress meetings together with the contracted construction company.

  • Stage 6 - Close Out

    Complete the Project for Close out.
    During the close out phase, we or the contracted construction company, deliver and complete the project for close out, including the preparation of the necessary documentation to ease effective completion, handover and operation of the project.


Know How and a complete range of services from one source

What we offer

and what projects we like to do

  • Residential – Architectural building plans; Renovations and extensions to the client’s existing building
  • Land Development – Change of land use. Subdivision into Plots. Infrastructure Documentation and construction
  • Project Management and Construction. We can manage the development of your project from a high-end exclusive beach house up to a Multi-Level 5 Star Hotel Construct, From Land Development designs to Infrastructure Construction Completion even including golf courses.

Special Services

  • Surveying – Cadastral Plans (Cadastre Plans), re-definition of boundaries and topography.
  • Engineering – Structural detailing from calculation to the recommended use of fabrics.
  • Concept & Financial Planning & Recommendation. Some landowners don’t know what they should do with their land, in order to get the best outcome or how to use their land.Globally land taxes get higher every five years. We help to give our clients an idea that will have the most powerful and convincing outcome. Combined with a concept and development plan, these recommendations are important to our clients to help them to decide, if it will pay off, to invest in a multi-million development.  We deliver at second stage (Project Concept), a land development, a concept plan and a financial functional plan, that will give our clients the Status Quo. These documents provide the very best fundament, to take a responsible decision and to bear of the cost of the implementation.
  • 3D Modelling and Rendering – We will take your architectural 2D plans and produce a 3D model. Digital or/and Physical

land use planning in Phuket, Thailand

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Master Planning in Phuket, Thailand

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Our Capabilities

Collectively we offer expertise across multiple industry sectors to create the best possible outcome on all types and scales of projects, anywhere in the world.

  • Master Planning & Urban Design
  • High End Single Residential
  • High End Villa Residential
  • High End Hotel Development and/or Mixed-Use Hotel & Residential Development solely in 5- or 6-Star Segment
  • High End Multi Residential
  • High End Estate Guidelines
  • High End Lodges and Hotels, solely in 5- or 6-Star Segment
  • High End Interiors & Brand Architecture
  • High End Retirement Residential Developments and/or Hospital / Home Care Developments
  • High End Educational & Sports Facilities including Golf Course Design
  • High End Exterior Architecture & Design
    Outdoor Facility Design, Exterior Facility and Recreation Architecture, Sustainable Exterior Landscape Architecture